Monday, January 19, 2015

Your Colour of 2015

This morning I was reading my fellow vintage loving Canadian gal pal Jessica talk about her colour of the year and realized that her colour for the 2015 year has been my colour of the decade. Really I had no idea that I gravitated this much towards the colour brown till I actually thought about brown.

This my bedroom. It has not changed at all and is still my haven.

Family room which I repainted in 2011. When searching the blog for this I didn't think it was that long ago. I still like my family room except for the brown chairs that are hanging around. They've got to go. Sooo uncomfortable.

My counter-tops are brown, my dogs are brown.

 My clothing leans towards brown.

This is 2013 and I still really like this coat for winter fun.
I think you get the picture that I was and am unknowing obsessed with brown. 

So my question to you this fine winters day is if you look around right now what colour do you find the most sprinkled throughout your house or wardrobe? If 2015 is the year you are thinking about painting, redecorating or adding something new to wear I suggest this be your colour. For ten or more years brown has seemingly been my colour of choice and I don't think its going anywhere fast. :)


  1. interesting post... mostly my house and ironically my wardrobe has leaned towards green/orange/red mostly earthy tones...

  2. I didn't realize how much I did this till this morning. I guess I feel like it's my safe colour.

  3. You're as sweet as milk chocolate, dear Debra. Thank you very much for including as a part of this lovely tribute to your passion for the colour brown. It's wonderful to connect with another vintage adoring soul who goes weak in the knees for this classic colour.

    My wardrobe is a true rainbow, but I'd say that red, blue, pink, black, grey, navy blue, and green are all especially big players. When it comes to my home decor and pain choices, one finds a fair bit of brown/wood, burgundy, cream, blue and pink.

    Many thanks again & have a fabulous week!
    ♥ Jessica