Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Spooky Brazilian Times!

You know what's fun, watching a bunch of kids who've never done Halloween do Halloween. For some it was planned even before they arrived to Canada in August. Others checked out Halloween sections in stores after they got here. They went big I must say and had loads of fun.

The invisible man is Isaac which as a true Canadian kid was put together that morning. He's had the morph suit for a while but as for the rest, he tried it on that afternoon. He was the trick or treater host for the Brazilian kids.  Nathalia on the other hand knew what she was going to be way back when. I think the second day in our home Corpse Bride was mentioned. Luckily on my search I found an old white dress for a $1.50 along with some sheers for another $1.00 and with a bit of a revamp came up with this. 

It's been a while since there was this much hub bub at my house on Halloween and I think this night will long be remembered by them... at least I hope so. I know I will. :)

Pictures where take with just my ipad on this cold dreary night.