Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pinterest # 1

Ahhh Pinterest. We've all pinned ideas for fashion, recipes, diy's, and anything else that catches our fancy. A couple of weeks ago I was checking out " Pinterest Fails'  and I must say I was laughing till I cried. I myself once pinned chocolate chip cookies made with a waffle iron thinking what an interesting thing to try. I tried and my lesson...don't fool with the Chocolate Chip Cookie.
This year I thought it would be fun to challenge myself with pins I've pinned to see if I can make them a reality. Once a week I plan to bring you my successes or failures from my Pinterest desires. So let's begin shall we.

I never thought I had a thing for shoes but this past year I've noticed that I rrreeaaallllyyyy like shoes. So much so that I've created a new board on Pinterest dedicated to shoes. 
Normally I don't wear heels but I wanted red shoes to wear with my none existent christmas soon to become valentines dress.
 Here are the pins I found that would possibly fit the bill of only shopping at thrift stores from my 2014 challenge. However the pins I used where on a secret board. How come you ask? Because I was worried someone would think I was silly for wanting to modpodge shoes. In 2015 I can be all the silly I want. Ha

crafts after college

This blog shows you how to accomplish your own pair of Dorothy's Shoes and was the beginnings of inspiration for my own shoes.

I also pinned these.

Now for my shoes

I started out with these hot pink babies and I planned them to be a mix of the two shoes I pinned.

The style was right but the colour was all wrong so I painted them white and then began the modpodging.
 Painting them white ensured me pink wouldn't show through the white of the fabric. Yes it would have been easier to just find a white shoe but when you are living small town you go with what you find.  The toes and heel I glitterized.

Still very much pink inside but none of that shows when your wearing them.

I sewed the bows on with a curved needle. It was a little tough but I wanted to make sure they stay put (fingers crossed she says)  and I also glued them down with Carpenters glue. I grabbed a couple of clothes pins to hold the bows in place while they dried.

 It's what I envisioned them to be but I haven't worn them out yet to see how they behave. I'm feeling like these are a success but I don't want to endorse modpodging just yet. I know others have (first shoe link) so you can go by their opinion if you want to jump in and try a pair of shoes. I'll let you know after I wear them out and about what the pros and cons are of the shoe. For now I've got some pretty Christmas/ Valentines/ Canada Day Shoes that I can look at. :)


  1. I hope they wear well, because they're SO cute! Great ingenuity!

  2. love 'em - but then i AM a shoe girl - i also would love to make the sparkly red ones