Monday, January 12, 2015

For the Love of Hats.

I may have mentioned before my love of hats, hehe. Any type of hat will do summer, winter, fall or spring, I'm always on the hunt for a good hat.

Meet Elsewhen Millinery. I found her etsy shop while going through patterns before Christmas and fell madly in like with her hats and patterns. The hats are 1920's inspired and I like the fact that I can buy a pattern or  I could have her make me one. So every once and a while during the holiday's I'd go back and look through her shop and oouu and ahhh. With the January chill settling in I thought it would be the perfect time to purchase one of her patterns and make a hat. I settled on " Penny"  and began sewing. Her patterns are wonderfully easy to follow with clear instructions and pictures to help you along.

                                                             ( I added one of my handmade wooden buttons.)

I did make a goof though. I was lining my hat with polar fleece for winter warmth and cut my hat much larger thinking I should compensate for the bulk. I didn't need to do that and I should have stuck with her cutting suggestions.

I wore it out over the weekend and it I was indeed warm.

The nice thing about this pattern is I can change it up and make it for spring although I do have my eye on a couple more of her designs. In my opinion a girl can never have too many hats :)

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