Monday, December 24, 2012

Waiting for Santa

The sounds in the workshop are slowly winding down, and only a few last minute details are in need of attention. So now the countdown has begun!

Last year I made this for our newest addition. This year, and only a couple of weeks ago we added another. A new stocking, for a new girl was needed!

Now this granddaughter belongs to a fairly woodsy family, so a fairly woodsy stocking was required.

So back to Pottery Barn to see what I could find, and this one seemed just right.

Now my version.

I just adore these little owls, hanging out on the tree limbs.

Now all that it needs is for Santa to come fill it up!

Merry Christmas to all:)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

To Grandmother's House we Go.

My house is a buzz with Christmas creations, strategic hiding places, the smell of cookies being baked, and the addition of a new Grandbaby!! With all this happening, we are also reorganizing the basement and the garage, which means found furniture.
What happens is I find something, move it in and then find something else set it on top. I'm trying to not  do that anymore and work through what I have, which brings us to todays piece.

We bought it a long time ago and it was in pieces. I was thinking it would be an easy fix and in the end it was. So, in between Christmasing and baby kissing, it got a new life.

I almost forgot to take a before picture before we started, but I quickly grabbed my phone and took this. The bottom piece that holds the drawer is missing and that's what needed to be fixed.

And now, all fixed sanded and painted. Its painted ASCP Cream.

The top was badly water stained and I really wanted to see if we could sand that out and as luck would have it, we did!!

We changed out the hardware because the handles were pretty funky. Original to the furniture but didn't match the feeling I get when I look at. Which is something I'd see in my Grandmother's house. I didn't know either one of my Grandmothers, but I like to imagine.... a lot.

Its a cute piece in need of a home, but thats another story...:)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Simply Christmas

Simple. Thats what I'm hearing people say this Season. They want simple decorations thats an easy up and down, and be able to focus on family, friends and the true meaning of Christmas.

So here is my simple version of "Christmas".

 I toyed with several different ideas, but this one says it all. We hung it up liked it, placed it on the fireplace, and liked it.  I liked it just about everywhere. But this one has gone to a silent auction with proceeds going to the " The Good Food Box". Check them out online. :)