Monday, August 25, 2014

Small town Fun

What I like to call " out in the boonies" movies have always caught my eye. Ones like Sweet Home Alambma or Doc Hollywood. The reason they catch my eye is the small town fairs or festivals the movie portrays.
Our little town of 800 has one such festival celebrating the Bean. Yup you heard right, the bean. For the past 49 years our town has put on the Bean Festival. Now I've taken this festival and all it has to offer for granted until this year and decided to look at it thru fresh eyes and I can tell you I truly had a wonderful time.
Friday night begins with a classic car cruise night and fireworks display. We didn't count but I heard over 200 cars participated, and the fireworks were quite impressive!

Our morning began bright and early! Living close to the action we can hear set- up begin around 6:30 am . The streets are closed and turned into a market where I purchased a couple of things.

The car show is the second largest in Ontario. I found myself being drawn to the classics where as Roger can't resist the muscle car.

 We both agreed on this 1965 pick-up.

We think something like this would be perfect to pull our 1965 trailer. Its on our one day when we when the lottery wish list.

I leave you with a festival/ fair favourite of mine. The Kettle Corn Recipe I tried this easy make any time recipie and it was pure deliousousness. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A little R and R

With a to do list longer then my arm and possible my leg we took five days and went to what has to be my most favourite place on earth, Inverhuron Provincial Park. Now I realize it's not Paris with its Eiffel Tower or the meadows of New Zealand but when I'm relaxing by the fire, down at the lake, or hiking the trails it feels just right.

Did I do any knitting or crocheting? I took it but it stayed in the bag and instead I read a real live book. Not a book on my iPad but one with pages.
You also maybe wondering how the old girl held up. She went through a storm and never even batted an eye. 

Although she did reveal some new secrets that need attending too she's most definitely a keeper. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer and a Rag Rug.

The dogs days of summer. We really aren't having those days and for someone who likes the heat, I'm actually surprising myself and liking these cooler days and nights. I'm also realizing that summer is not my favourite season. Oh sure I love fresh veggies from my garden that only summer can bring on as well as the lushness of the trees but I'm finding myself a little excited that the nights are getting shorter.
In trying to reason out all of this in my head and I think it comes down to the fact that I miss doing handicrafts at night. The hours of daylight kept us outside till 9:30pm and from there we went straight to bed. (yup we know, we're old.)
So this past weekend we got to use the Avion on its maiden voyage and see what quirks it had. Its got a few but its seriously missing rugs and a few throw pillows among some other more major things but I can deal with those later.
A friend of mind had requested a tutorial on rug making so heres goes my best attempt to teach you without the aid of video.

Supplies needed.
1 giant crochet hook

Cotton Sheets( The amount will vary depending on the size of the rug you want to make. With this rug I've ripped up four so far; one set of double sheets and one set of single sheets. I've also sprinkled in other pieces I've had laying around for contrast colour. This is also a good time to use up scraps or sheets that are stained.

First thing rip or cut your fabric of choice into 2 inch ( 5cm ) widths. I've gone smaller but I'm not happy with the results. This width gives you a nice thick rug.

The knot. Heres where I'm hoping pictures are enough.(please ignore my gardening fingernails lol)

First lay two end pieces end to end over each other. Next cut through both so you have a button hole size slit. Take one end and pull through the hole. Pull till you've created a nice tight knot. Now continue to making knots then wrap them up into a ball.

Once you've got a good size ball (and I mean good size) you can start to crochet.

                   With your ball, chain the desired length you want your rug to be.

Now here's where I do things a little differently from some I've seen. I use a slipstitch  instead of a single crochet.

 I like the look better and its a tighter stitch too which is what I want for rug making. Makes standing up to washing much better too.

So gather up your supplies and crochet along with me and hopefully by the end of this week I can show you how to finish off your lovely creations. :)