Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Snowball effect.

Whenever we start a project it always seems to snowball into more. I think thats because we live in old houses and you never know what's lurking behind those walls.

In this case, before we did anything, we did a whole lot of "what ifs" before we moved a single thing, so the few surprises we found doesn't change a whole lot. Just how to rework them.

So yesterday we started doing this.

Those ceiling tiles had been up there since we bought the house, and although I looked at them everyday I kind of forgot about them.
But I don't live in an office, so they had to go.

Then we had this.

A door, a window, and a new ceiling!

This used to be an old porch before the previous owners closed it in. The I played Scott McGillvray and gave us Option One and Two. One was to keep going with original plan and leave this alcove part of the kitchen, or two, turn it into a screened in porch. Option one won over.

A long time ago I mentioned we bought an old tin ceiling, which is what we are going to use to recover  this.

And this.

And the rest.... I'll keep you posted :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome to the Sixties!

I adore all things old, but once in awhile I get drawn to a more "modern" piece. The date on the back of   this dresser was 1968, meaning I was one when this was made. ( you can do the math to figure my age ;) )

I made this colour up with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But I'm seeing this shade, pop up all over the place lately.

I saved the handles from another project. They didn't suit it, but I thought they'd work well with this dresser.

Then I raided my stash and found fabric to match. The lighter of the two is an actual vintage piece, the other is new, but I like how they go together.

Considering it looked like this, I'm quite happy how it turned out.:)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Warm Woolies.

For Christmas, M'lynn had an idea for Amy's present that came from pinterest. She's had the idea for a while, but decided to finally let her inner fashion designer out and just do it.

She started with a sweater that we had picked up at a thrift store. The arms were to become leg warmers, the tops of the sleeves, head bands, and the body of the sweater a scarf.

And's Amy, all decked out.

I helped M'lynn out by crocheting new tops for the leg warmers and headbands, and we lined the scarf with polar fleece. We also took the buttons from the sweater and added them to the leg warmers for a little detail.
The nice thing about this sweater is, it was 100% wool, making her new outer wear super duper warm.:)