Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!!

One year for Canada Day we went to visit Roger's brother, who at the time was working in Ottawa. To wake up and look out our window to a sea of red and white ( his brother happen to be staying within viewing and walking distance to the Parliament buildings!) felt like well...a Canada Day! The roads were all closed around the Hill and so there were street players and little activities placed everywhere for the kids. Different parks hosted different entertainment. Food, food and more food. The fireworks that night was viewed from our room, while I sat in my p.j.'s drinking tea, and oh what fireworks they were.

So now, every year we try and bring a tiny little bit of what we had that day home. We (meaning the girls and I) decided the day before that we would have a picnic. You see I bought these chairs and they seemed to be calling out Canada Day so this is what we did.

It was simple and quick and a fun way to celebrate the day!
However we did cheat and had it the day before because everyone will be scattered today.
Just to show you how simple it was, our table.

Credit again goes to Amelia for photography and for making those yummy strawberry cheesecake you see in the pic.

Happy Canada Day Everyone!!