Monday, April 28, 2014


My house smells like summer today. Late summer to be exact because today I'm making salsa.
We all enjoy the spicy treat in our house and it's something we eat a lot of. I also enjoy canning my own but it's a time consuming job ( unlike jam that only takes 1/2 hr to an hour). This year I decided to freeze my batches and make them when the mood, or bare cupboard invited me too.

 I did can up a lot in the summer, but here is my thinking; if I had canned everything in the fall I would have had to buy a lot more jars, this way I don't. I do this with jam too. I make a variety and freeze the rest of my fruit in batches. Strawberry jam is waiting in the wings as well for today.
It's a comforting feeling to know that I have grown and canned my own food. I can pronounce everything that has gone into it and that for me is truly a " Victory Garden". :)

Want the recipe, you'll find it here.  Its the tastiest I've found.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Daisy, Daisy give me answer True..

It was the perfect Easter weekend. The weather was just right for little ones to hop outside and see what the Easter bunny had brought. It was also the perfect weather to wear my completed spring, (ode to Jenny Lee) outfit. The sweater and skirt you've seen pop up already but my Gertie's bow tied blouse has not. I really like this blouse, and it's exactly what I was looking for last Easter but couldn't find in stores.

Cherrios came to see what the hubbub was all about.

Since I was helping with Easter breakfast at our church I needed an apron. I was going to sew one, but I found this one while out thrifting one day. A little organza apron with hand painted flowers in was meant to be.
So here is the breakdown of my ensemble.
Sweater- hand knitted -cost $15.00 for yarn
Blouse-thrifted fabric and sewn -$2.00
Skirt- thrifted vintage sheets and sewn-$ 4.00
Daisy pin-secondhand store- $6.00
Gloves- thrifted $1.00
Handbag- thrifted $1.50
Apron- thrifted  .75

The shoes I had, but I'm still on the hunt with something with a heal, in keeping with my " not buying anything new rule".:)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Snippet #2

Found this little number for about $ 1.50.  It is the clasp that I think is the cutest.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Downsizing from 1890 to 1940

As you know this is my house.

It was perfect for when we were a family of six, but come September wedding bells will chime for another daugter and we will be down to three.
So for the past couple of months we've been looking at houses, but nothing seems to be ticking the majority of our boxes. 
I've been checking out "Tiny Houses". Why tiny houses you may ask? Because we are simply looking for someplace to lay our heads, be cozy on cold winter nights, sit together to eat some yummy food, a yard for our dogs and a craft room of course. 
The other night I had a thought. The original tiny house may have been Wartime houses; houses built for wartime workers and veterans to rent and eventually own. In our town, they are sprinkled throughout and my daughter actually owns one of these cuties.

This one is my favourite and closely resembles Amy's


Now my dream is to rebuild one of these, as close as I can get to an original, inside and out. I spent Saturday night on the internet trying to find interiors of the 40's and found a few that caught my eye.

Maybe its because I haven't seen green in awhile, but I'm liking this shade.

Its all about the wallpaper in this one.

This is exactly how I'd like the bathroom to look.


Aren't they just swell.

Rogers dream is to find an original. So now I'm torn between recreating the dream or living in the real thing. Either way whatever happens, the house thats meant to ours (Wartime or not) is out there just waiting for us! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day tripping.

Spring has sprung! So my handsome husband and I decided to join the rest of the crowd and go for a Sunday drive.

Our first stop was to visit the shores of Lake Huron. We seem to take for granted this lake of ours. It is only a 5 minute drive from home and yet our visits to the lake are few. This year I think I'll take advantage for not only a dip but long walks along its sandy shores.

Our next stop was to see the migrating Tundra Swans. They stop in this area outside of Grand Bend every year. I think we were lucky and just caught the last few stragglers.

Our last stop is one of my favourite places to browse around, Cottage Treasures in Thedford. I know I've mentioned this place before but this time I asked if I could take pictures. It's owned by Jan and Bordecki and she was tinkled pink that I'd want to take a few shots.

This store has anything and everything. Tools, sewing, games, old pictures, vintage christmas decorations, hats, kitchen wares and toys.

My hair is trying to channel my inner Mille.

 Did I mention they've got a few books too?

So what did I find? Cherry fabric and the perfect daisy pin to go with my Easter outfit.:)