Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jumping the gun.

I was going to wait to show you buuuttt.... I'm just going to show you. Our new couch in the trailer!

I bought most of the fabric two years ago and the navy blue I found at a thrift store for around 10$ for 5 yds. Can't stop me from mixing and matching!

There's still trim and some other things to work out but for now I've got myself a comfy couch. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When it's time to think twice about buying Vintage.

Last night I think we tackled the most disgusting part of our trailer...the sewer system. I hosed and scrubbed the toilet we had removed while my darling husband lay underneath the trailer removing old leaky sewer parts.
 I think people have this romantic notion that they're going to find a vintage trailer, paint and decorate it and it will be the tralier of their dreams like they see on Pinterest. I can guarantee that those people spent many, many hours getting it to look that way.

 Not to dash those dreams for anyone, but I'm not having any romantic feelings towards this trailer, especially after last night. It's been a lot of hard work mentally( two days spent figuring out wiring, water still hasn't been figured out) and physically (lifting things in and out to make sure they fit). After all, my trailer is almost 50 years old. It's going to have issues, as any vintage trailer would.
So buyer beware! That cute 1965 classic trailer is going to take away your time and money and as long as you know that, carry on dreaming. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Make Super Duper easy Blinds.

The other day you caught a glimpse of the blinds now hanging in my trailer. These have been my blind of choice for years for one simple reason.... No Strings. Don't get me wrong I love the look of Roman Blinds but not a fan of the drawstrings. I don't like having them hang there when the blinds are open, or having to add a hook to keep them it out of the way. I also don't like how alluring strings are for little ones to play with, or maybe I'm just a hater of strings,lol. But I most definitely don't want strings hanging all over in my trailer.

So here we go. First measure your window making sure that your finished blind will cover your window frame, side to side and top to bottom. Now your going to add seam allowances to that measurement on the bottom and side seams. I usual add 1/2 inch (1.5 cm) to each seam measurement. To the top your going to add about 2 extra inches (5cm)

If you notice, I forgot to add the 2 inches so I needed to add to it. It was a slap to forehead moment.

Here is where having second hand sheets comes in handy. They are the fabric on the reverse side.

And I also used the sheets for the ties. They are cut according to how much hang you want to your blind.

Now sew this together to make a pillow case type affair, and iron the whole thing flat. 
Also now it the time to make your ties. Fold them in half length wise and sew, turn and iron. Tuck in one end of each tie, iron and sew/topstich. This time around I added buttons and buttonholes but I've also made the ties to just tie up or I've just sewed it into a loop. Make sure the ties are evenly spaced from the ends or your blind.
Now you need to slip the dowel between the two fabrics to the bottom of your blind. This will be used to help you roll them up. You'll see that its cut slightly shorter then the blind.

This gives you a better look at how the ties are laid out.

Now you need a piece of wood for the top cut just shy of your blind as a way to hang and staple.

Now screw to just above your window. We put a screw in the middle and one on each end.

And ta-da! :)

Supply List

Coordinating fabric
Buttons (optional)
5/8 Dowel
1x1 wood
Stapler, staples
Screws (depending on what your screwing into)
Drill to use as a screwgun (easiest method)

Monday, July 7, 2014


You know when you're doing something that just drags on forever and finally there is a what I like to call an eeekkkk moment. It's that moment where you can finally see a light flickering at the end of the tunnel. That eeekkkk moment came this weekend for me.

New floor!!!!!

New back splash!!!! This was leftovers from our kitchen ceiling.

New counter and fridge surround!!!!!

Shhh.....I know, I know there is a long list of things that need doing yet, but for now you'll have to excuse me while I lay on my new floor. Eeekkkk!!! :)