Monday, June 30, 2014

Moving Forward!!!!!!!

We've a hit a heat wave and I have to say I'm enjoying the heat but I think it's making me feel a bit under the weather. Super tired and very headachy. So today I'm working in bits and pieces on curtains and thought I'd fill you in on the Avion's progress.
Rotted floors have been replaced and we've added a new couch instead of a dinette. 

After ripping everything out we liked the open space and opted for a couch that we can pull out to make a bed.



 As far as a table goes I've got something in mind but that's a "wait and see" project. ( wait and see if I can convince my handsome husband to build what I have in mind hehe )
He built new beds and we've got new foam to go on but in a hurry grabbed some old stuff to test it out. 

We've also got the new countertops. It wasn't my first choice. I wanted something a little more retro but the price was more than right and seemed silly to spend a lot more money. After hanging out with them now for awhile we've become buddies and I can hardly wait till they're in their new home. 

I'm pretty sure you'll find us hanging out with the trailer in construction mode all day tomorrow celebrating Canada Day, but once evening comes I'm hoping to sit back and light a sparkler or two. :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Whoopie for Whoopie Pies

I was baking up a storm for our daughters engagement party. It was an afternoon of games, prizes, penny sale, fellowship and food. Think fun fair and you get the picture.
On the dessert menu was Whoopie Pies! The Whoopie was not something I grew up with. My background is Russain Mennonite and I had things like Borscht and Zweibach. Whoopie pies are more of the Amish persuasion and something I've only made 3 times in my life. Some experimenting was required because not only was there the traditional chocolate with a creamy filling but I also made a vanilla with a strawberry rhubarb filling. Pumpkin was also offered which I didn't get to try :(.

The recipie I used for the chocolate was from this website.  I made a simple buttercream to fill it.

I used this recipe for the vanilla cake. I really liked the cake but it wasn't great for the Whoopie pie. Still yummy but I didn't get the rise I wanted. Making another buttercream only this time I added a strawberry rhubarb sauce I made to the icing.  And sorry no picture of these. I was in a bit of a hurry by this time but I can tell you they tasted great.

Our picnic took place at the home of the groom to be. What a view eh?

 The rotted food auction. Surprisingly people really enjoyed this.

                           If success is measured by how tired I was after I am then pretty sure it was a great day! :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Moving Backwards.

That's exactly how this weekend felt, like working in the wrong direction.
My dashing husband decided to spend his entire weekend dedicated to working on the Avion. This is how he spent Fathers Day! Hehe he's a Happy Camper....well maybe not so much after this weekend.

On Saturday we tore up a piece of the floor we knew to be wet. The front window had not shut properly for a long time and although we had taped it shut, how long it was wet was anybody guess. We're thinking a long time because when we lifted it, it came alive with a large amount of ants who were right at home in my floor.
So we ripped the floor back farther to investigate and luckily they had contained themselves to the front. We've now treated the area and I'm happy to say no more creepy crawlers.

Countertops also have been removed from both kitchen and bath and hopefully today we order our new ones.

Here was one of our only highlights. (no pun intended)
This went from this

To this. Yup we pretty much did a happy dance when we put it back up.

Hard to believe that it needs to be ready for use in less then a month but thankfully as a guest room, not to camp in...yet. :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

One done! So many more to go...

It's done! Well it still needs it's dust cover and that means a trip to the city but other then that it's done.

Let us look upon its original state. 

That was it almost a year and half ago. I brought it home, tore it apart, painted it and then let it sit in the back corner of my garage. ( you can kind of see why there is a no new furniture rule in place hehe)
It's been painted with my homemade chalk paint, sanded and buffed to a shine with my homemade beeswax polish.

Some pretty little braid ( gimp is it's proper name) has been added.

And for a surprise...

I can never seem to stick with just one fabric. Makes life a little more exciting don't you think. ;)

Link to elizabethandco
            Miss Mustard Seed

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's that Time of Year again.....

You can always tell when warm weather arrives around here because my blog posts become a little less frequent. But things are happening! More then one project ( try 5 ) are on the go.
I'm giving you a glimpse into each.
The trailer- has been re- water proofed due to the fact that we took out a furnace, which opened up the roof to rain. That's been sealed and we also installed a new vent. Soon we can start doing "pretty" in there.

                                                                         New vent.

Inside with the furnace gone!

Outside all sealed up.

Sewing- here's my stack of lovelies waiting to be cut and sewn. I do have one project on my machine right now too.

Chair- yes there is a chair!, hopefully getting finished today in this fabric.

Kitchen- cupboard doors are waiting patiently for their coat of colour.

Knitting-this little sweater is my summer project for fall wear.

This may seem like a lot but this is normal. You see I get bored really fast and if I can mix up everyday I feel I'm much more productive.
One project that is finished is my garden and things are beginning to pop up. This year we've gone with tomatoes, onions, peppers, beans, beets, carrots, lettuce, and zucchini. I'm so craving fresh food after this long, long winter. How about you?