Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I like on Thursdays

I'd like to tell you that my kitchen reno is moving right along but it stopped last week when Roger came home with a sore knee that bloomed into a lovely infection, that him and I several times to the hospital this week. But antibiotics finally kicked in, and he is up and around again.

So I thought I'd do something new and share with you on random days what tickles my fancy.

Downton Abbey. Or Highclere Castle as its known in the real world.

As for the show, I will sit with a book and take in all the little things. Signage, furniture and make sketches of things I like or paint colours that are used.

As for the house, this has got to be one of my favourite rooms.

If you haven't watched the show you really should check out Highcleres site for some spectacular photos of an amazing building with a rich history.

Last but not least is my fetish for the hats. This week I've been humming "Easter Parade" and yes I do have my hat all picked out for Easter. But its nothing like these.

Happy Easter!:)

Friday, March 15, 2013


This morning when I woke up, all was good. Then my furnace quit and we have been huddled in our family room till things get fixed. Thank goodness we are almost there.

In the meantime I'd thought I'd show you what's been happening. We added a new beam to the opening. It just seemed to need a little more umph to it.

Then we got fancy.

And added an archway! See those posts. I bought them 6 years ago for around $20. They were going to be used for something else but I like them sooo much there, that this is there new home.

They have actually already been painted white and they do look purty. :)