Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Happily Ever After!

Its finished. Its done. Hurray!!!
After 4 years of living in my flash back to the 70's bedroom, it finally got its redo!
I had however  become accustomed to the stained wallpaper, the cigarette burns in the carpet (from the previous owner) and the painted to look like expensive wood closets. So when my husband said its time for our room to be done, I hesitated. I had planned what this room could look like from the day we moved in, and now it was about to become a reality, and I actually hesitated. This ugly room had become my sanctuary and now it would be gone forever, as it sat.
The first Friday of the month of February it was to be deconstructed. So in small steps I had to let go of my room.
I didn't like the closets anyway, they had to go, so not much of a heartache there. But as we removed them the walls became really damaged and we knew we had to drywall the whole thing. We weren't surprised by this, but now "good bye" would have to be said to the wallpaper as it was to be covered. There was something about that wallpaper that reminded me of my childhood and although it was never staying, there's a part of me that knows that it now lives on under the drywall,(you may roll eyes here) and that made everything better.

Sidenote-Normally I'm a stickler for keeping things as original to a home as possible, meaning I will keep plaster walls as long as they are in great shape. Which has happened in most of the other rooms.

 I carefully took off the old trim work before we drywalled. Nothing bothers me more then when drywall is used to cover old plaster and they've left the trim on. The trim then appears to be buried in the wall. It looks silly. I also like to keep the nails from the trim. They fascinate me. Each one was probably hand made 130 years ago, and in my eyes worthy of being kept.
We then began rebuilding the room adding new built-ins with more storage, sanding and refinishing the floor, adding some new trim details. I no longer mourned the loss of my room as it began to take shape into what I had dreamed it could look like. I'm grateful that my husband is a licensed carpenter and that my wish becomes his command. He is pretty wonderful at what he can do, but likes to keep it a secret.  Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

 So without further new sanctuary!

My new window seat! All the doors and drawer fronts came from Habitat. Even the little door that is the front of my window seat is a Habitat find.

The headboard that the kids and I made.

The side tables(or little dressers) that my boys made.

My bit of glam.

My morning tea spot, or a place to watch a good storm come in.

She's my fav, that frog is!

 That's my happily after photos and my new oasis. I think it's much better then the burnt carpet, or the peeling wallpaper. There is a few more things to up on the walls and other treasures still to find to add to the room, but thats the fun stuff. My bedroom will always be changing, depending on what I discover in my hunts and thus never boring. I think my frog needs a mate.

 I would like to thank my daughter Amelia for taking the photographs. She is a budding photographer and has some remarkable pics to which I'm trying to convince her to share with the world.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Somewhere in the Middle

We began work on our bedroom and its started to go from this-

To this-

From this-

to this-

And finally from this-

To this-

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Habitat finds!!

I am a Habitat for Humanity junkie. I have to check it out at least once a week to see what's new, and this little number was one I couldn't pass up. It just needed some lovin'.
I started by stripping the top, the orange just wasn't doing it for me. We then sanded down the whole thing so that primer and paint would stick! From there I stained the top a much darker stain and sealed it. Then I painted it with my much loved colour, Antique White. We kept all the hardware (you'll see some missing in the first picture, I had forgotten to take a picture in my excitement to get started.)
I am hoping that I'll be able to sell some of the treasures I find. It is great quality furniture that just needs some updating. And it would be much less then buying new. 
My daughter claimed this piece for her room as soon as it came through the door. I do have to say it looks great in her room.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Out with the Old and in with the new!!

For those of you who know this, this is old news, but to some it may come as a bit of a surprise.... for the past year I've been taking an interior design course. I've been practicing on my house as well as various objects I can get my hands on. Sooo this past February and March we redid our master bedroom, which I also used  as my last project. So because I wanted everything just right it meant no pics. This also means its been done for awhile, but awaiting its final accessories. Which have been finished. But before I reveal the outcome I need to show you the befores.


So as you can see it was, to put it politely.... dated.

So stay tuned to this and a few more things that I've been doing round here!!