Friday, January 23, 2015

Funky Spring

I'm in a bit of a funk. With only three weeks of snow on the ground so far and you'd think I'd be dancing in the streets because I like snow. I like winter. But for some reason this year spring has been whispering to me in my sleep.( last night I was wearing a yellow skirt with orange trim and carrying an umbrella, it was raining and I was taking pictures of purple flowers) I've told it it's not time yet, I've got snowshoeing to do but spring is not listening it wants to be heard.
Soooo I decided this morning to see what it had to say. Much to my what will be my husbands dismay when he comes home tonight I'm sure.....

I did this.

It looked like this.

But now it looks like this.

I really want to use some of this.
Sonnet Spring from Tonic Living

And maybe a bit of this.
Drift Pomegranate

These seem springy enough to keep spring happy for now. :)


  1. wow - that looks quite lovely and very spring=y

  2. If you ever find another chair like that I want it. That one is sooooooo comfy!

  3. I was in a bit of a funk at 2014 came to a close and for the first couple weeks of this month myself, too, but thankfully my spirits (and health) have picked up in recent days, so I'm getting over it and throwing myself into being as productive a panda as I possibly can ("productive panda" is a cute term me and Tony use when we want to say we've gotten a ton done :)).

    Beautiful fabric choices. I especially like the whimsical dried dandelion print. It reminds me of many fun afternoons spent blowing them and making wishes as a child.

    Have a fantastic weekend, dear Debra!
    ♥ Jessica