Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pinterest #2

 I had pinned this cookie recipe just a day or two before Christmas and knew I didn't have time to make them but thought they might make great Valentines Cookies. ( Seriously so many Christmas recipes double great as Valentines recipes.) Pretty aren't they!

Since we've been attending quite a few potlucks lately I thought it might be nice to try a gluten free version of these to take with us. Originally I was going to make half the recipe GF and the other half with white flour but I was out of white flour so all GF it was going to be. I used a bean and rice flour combo and went to work.
I followed the recipe and made my substitutions. Let the dough chill then
I rolled it out between two pieces of wax paper. I know from past experiences that my cookie dough might be a little more sticky then with white flour and What I should have done is sprinkle some rice flour onto the wax paper before I rolled them out. But now I was at the point of no return as I had already added the filling.(sometimes I'm not a patient girl) Freezing was of no help either.

Heres what my impatientness got me that not even a pretty plate could help.

It's not like I've never baked GF before honest!!

The taste of these far makes up for their looks though and have been Isaac approved but rest assured they will not be leaving this house. :)


  1. thanks for sharing your experience - even though they might look like the original photo _ I am sure they tasted just fine :)

  2. oops should read **even though they might NOT look like the original photo**

    1. Really and truly these are amazingly yummy cookies. ( I knew what you meant ;) )

  3. They're really lovely! I'm going to plan a GF version myself now for Feb. 14th (trust me, GF baking is a lot harder to get picture perfect looking than the gluten filled version is - as far as GF cookies go, this is not a train wreck by any means, I promise you). Thank you for the delicious inspiration, dear Debra!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I can tell you that they were gobbled up fairly fast by husband and son, so sometimes looks aren't everything I guess. :)