Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Valentines!! That made up holiday that breaks the winter doldrums that can either have a positive or negative effect on ones brain. I've chosen positive because even having a love of my life has not guaranteed flowerery or chocolate gestures mostly because he forgets that it's Valentines. (Which seriously people is ok!!! I do not need a day to know that he loves me and I love him.)   What it has guaranteed is that I'll be baking something.
So far I've tried these,

and these,



and these.

So why all these baking pics flooding your Instagram??
Because I want to become a better baker.  I've said it umpteen times before only this time I'm serious and as I write I'm trying baguettes.
I want to put in a real effort and I'm trying to make pretty things as well.
It would seem that I'd like to get to a point and start selling my bake goods but alas I think the fun would go out of it. Maybe my mind will change but I'm thinking it won't.
So I'll keep on sharing my baking experiments and I hope you don't mind.:)