Friday, May 26, 2017


I am a trier. To go through this life not trying something new would seem like a pretty boring life. Everything that I've put on this blog has been something I've always wanted to try. As usual you learn along the way, where you excel and where maybe you should have let sleeping dogs lie.
My list of things I like to do shifts mostly because of what I find myself needing. I've tried doing things for others but I found I like to paint and upholster furniture...for me. Sewing, knitting...for me        (when I say me I mean me and my family) 
I like to bake for EVERYONE!!!! Which is weird and not like me at all. I normally like to keep things in house. With furniture or sewing I can only do so much and then my house is full or my closet is brimming but with baking in a few days (or sometimes minutes) it's gone!!!! I get to create all over again. Cakes are my favourite thing but today it was the simple ginger cookie that captured my heart. 

For this year my plan is to try anything and everything. From cakes to breads, if you can bake it I want to try it. I've already filled my Instagram with what I've tried so far but I'm open to suggestions!!  So send me ideas!:)