Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jammie Dodger/ Fruit Creme Knock Off

A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away.... It feels like I've been gone for months from my little old blog but what really happened was Roger was laid off. That means in my world you get everything that you can possible get done before winter snow flies because you don't know when he'll be called back. It meant for us putting in a wood stove so finally my big old house can be warm and cozy. It also meant piling wood in the basement, going thru Christmas lights and hanging them up on one of our freakish warm days in November which now brings me to September. Isn't time travel great!!
Back in September while watching an episode of Doctor Who, the eleventh Doctor has in his hand a Jammie Dodger for a split second. From my view point it was a Peak Frean, Fruit Creme. Now I do watch these shows fairly fast so you may correct me if I'm wrong and maybe this cookie is one in the same. Either way it got my mind a thinking.
Isaac loves these boughten cookies but I don't buy them all that often. I really don't buy cookies in general so I wondered if I could knock these cookies off. 
Pinterest showed me sugar cookies with jam but not the creme filling I wanted to add like the Fruit Creme. Then I found one cookie that had lemon butter creme and jam and I felt like I was getting closer. What I wanted was a cookie that had icing like an oreo cookie that wouldn't ooze out when I bit into like a butter creme might. It also had to stand up to being made the day before, not make my cookie soggy and had to travel well.
From my Pinterest fail of the Oreo knock off I thought just maybe the icing from that would work and in the end I got exactly what I was looking for. Here's how to make your own.

Pick your favourite sugar cookie recipe (I think everyone has at least one favourite in their recipe box) and cut out your cookies. 
I cut out my cookies with a small biscuit cutter then took a large piping tip and cut out my centers, but pretty stars or hearts would be darn cute.

Here are the bottoms.

I did used the oreo icing using lemon juice as my liquid...

and added a dollop of raspberry jam. You most definitely could use any jam.

And ta-da!! Your own Fruit Creme Cookies.

These are going to make it onto the annual cookie Christmas list. :)

P.S. He's back to work.