Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello New Year

Today's the day everything goes back to normal. People are off to work, most of the decorations have been put away but I am having a hard time taking down the tree as I do every year because I like it so much. Nary a needle has left the tree and this was taken this morning.

So what did I find as my highlights of 2014?

First, my thrift store project.
 It is more than possible to buy only secondhand fabric and clothing and survive.
Sewing my own wardrobe has definitely made me a better sewer. I find I'm reaching more and more for clothing I made to wear rather then store bought. I might have spent $50 on my clothes and fabric for the 2014 year. The best part is I'm getting exactly what I want (which I can never seem to find in a store) and it fits properly too. This project also taught me patience. Believe it or not I found everything on my wish list throughout the year by thrifting and waiting.  For the most part I will continue shopping this way for my clothing. My favourite piece I blue polka dot blouse

My favourite would have been my Christmas dress but when sickness came a week before Christmas it got put away because I still had 3 of the 11 pj pants to sew. You'll see it soon though when it becomes my Valentines dress!

The trailer. 
It was one of my biggest time consumers of the year and totally worth it. This is only time I bought new fabric and even then it was wasn't much because I had a lot on hand. I had managed to find a huge chunk of heavy duty navy blue for the cushions from a thrift store which put a huge dint into having to buy new fabric.

The trailer is sitting in the yard all tucked away for winter and I can't help but wait for warmer weather to sleep in my little tin can. I realized that I don't have a great "Lets take a tour" pictures of it, only pictures here and there so come spring when we begin the work on the trailer (yes there is more fun stuff to happen in the way of a new sewer system) we shall continue that story.

A baby! Little Charlotte came into the world on April 1st.

She's a happy bubbly girl who makes your heart melt when she stretches out her arms to be picked up. She loves hanging out with any one as seen here with her Aunt Ashley.

A wedding

 The planning of the wedding took place at the same time as the work on the trailer so things began to feel a little hairy. We needed the trailer as a guest house for the wedding and the trailer liked to give us unexpected surprises. Thankfully the wedding did not. Oh things happened on the big day that I knew wasn't supposed to happen but M'lynn didn't know and thats all that mattered. 

My favourite furniture project was the chair.

It was in my opinion the first piece of upholstery that I did that I really liked other then this chair from way back when.

What's already found its way into the projects of 2015?
This little beauty. It needs to be rebuilt so I'm thinking the month of January should suffice...I hope. :)


  1. what a beautiful update of your year! and I love the one word you chose and wrote in the comments on my blog - blessings to you dear friend for 2015!

  2. Perhaps because, since opening my Etsy shop last May, I've been putting in such massively long work hours, but I really felt like the holidays were a welcome break and that I wasn't quite ready to return to the daily grind again yesterday (especially since our town was hit by a snow storm and got the largest fall in a single day here in decades) and wish that we could all have a few more days of holiday down time. Not possible, I know, but at least there's Valentine's to look forward to fairly soon and I'll be keeping the more generic winter themed decorations out for a while longer, so that helps a touch, too. :)

    Big hugs & countless joyful wishes for 2015, dear Debra!
    ♥ Jessica