Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where we're at so far

You may be wondering what's happening with our little Avion. So far we've torn out old trim, ripped up vinyl flooring and picked out some of the colours that we want to use.
Armstrong  has a new look to peel and stick flooring. We thought something along this line would be the best and most durable for the abuse a trailer floor takes.

I want the look of wood to warm up and make our floors look cozy.

The colour we're thinking of useing to paint the walls and part of the wood is Antique White by CIL. It has been my "go to" colour for years. It's a white that not too white. I hope you can see the swatch.

Fabrics is always the fun part for me. We sent away for some swatches and here's what we think we are going to go with.

The two on the left are for upholstery, the one on the right is for the bathroom and the two in the middle are accents for pillows. I'm still looking for some solids.

Right now we are in a bit of a heat wave making working outside for long periods of time HOT
I think some time at the beach would cool me off and get me back to work, as long as  I don't stay too long.:)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh Canada!

For us, Canada Day is the beginning of our summer. And although this summer we have nothing overly exciting planned, I'm hoping we can still get in some summer fun. Normally I like to start our summer with a Canada Day picnic, but I soon realized that Roger will be working, so we are postponing our picnic for a few days until we go camping!!

I do however think I may treat myself to a Canada Day Breakfast.

A couple of weeks ago I had the honour of speaking to a Ladies Group on thrifty ways to entertain outside. So I thought I'd share a few ideas. I used my habitat chairs to start with, and an old card table. The tea set came from a thrift store and I made some pillow covers from some scraps (except for the red stripe it was new) All very,very inexpensive.

Everything together is just sort of pretty, and its ok if it breaks, not that I want it too. It will make my breakfast special to use this tea set, and it would be my own little celebration to a great holiday, till we can celebrate together.

  I hope everyone has a safe and great day! Happy Canada Day! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012


Oh that husband of mine, he sure can find, a good find. The other night he called from work and said someone he knew was selling their tin ceiling. If it was enough to do the kitchen ceiling, would I want it? It took me about a second to answer YES.

                                                                        Here's what we picked up today

                 We got the tin and its crown moulding,EEK!! I've wanted a tin ceiling forever and the deal was too good to pass up.

                            Then he also had a few pieces of goodness he wanted to get rid of so he through them
                                                                                       in for FREE.

I can hardly wait to see what these become. :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

If those Legs could talk.

This little table came to me in pieces one day. I was told by its owner, it was a "Stagecoach table" Meaning when the stagecoach stopped for lunch or a break this little folding table was brought out.

Upon further inspection the top doesn't seem to be original to the legs. The legs are a hardwood and the top seems to be pine. Sometimes I wish I could hear the stories behind what happened to this little table along the way. Is this its top, was it made from pine to keep it lighter and the legs needed to be sturdier because of terrain and if so who exactly got to dine on this little cutie? Did someone make a new one and copied the old one? When I working on something my mind wanders a lot.

 I still think it turned out great even if it may or may not be all its original parts.

I sanded the top and painted the legs and then gave it a chippy look. I wanted it to feel like it had been taken in and out the "stagecoach" so many times and that it had some bumps and bruises.

I think this little table has so much life to give yet. It could be a little table for games in a covered porch or a nightstand. The legs still fold and it could be put away and brought out when needed, but I think it would be a shame not to use it.
I'm a lucky gal, who gets to come across some unique pieces. I love what I do!:)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Something Yellow and then some.

Last week began in a bit of a whirlwind. Over the weekend we found out that picture taking daughter and her husband are expected baby number 1. There was rejoicing and a cheer from the crowd.

On Monday we delivered my Something Yellow to the The Garden Gate. The Blue Dresser had sold, so I painted up my Something Yellow to bring. It started life looking like this.

But left my home looking like this.

I like how this turned out so much, that it almost didn't leave my home. But if I kept every stray piece that followed me home, I'd be over run with furniture.

I painted it using my homemade chalk paint then added a stripe. I didn't want my stripes to line up,because sometimes when painting a stripe the stripes become over powering to the piece. I wanted to keep the look soft, that way it could work in a baby's room or be just as happy at home in a dining room. It was then sealed with a wax.

The top was left plain.

She's a cutie and when I look at her pictures she makes me smile, as something yellow always does.

It makes up for the rest of the week when my washing machine suddenly died. So for the last week I've had to bring my laundry to Amy's to do. My new machine won't arrive till next week, but she too is a thing of beauty, if you consider those sorts of things beautiful. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

They Came!!

Last week on my facebook page I told you about Lollipops and Pussycats. She has an esty shop with cute party supplies, so I thought I'd place an order. This is what I got.

Super cute daisy lids and fun straws.
I love the fact that the lids fit onto my mason jars.

I think I'll save the red straws for my Canada Day picnic.

The green straws and lids I'll take with me for Miss Sweet Peas 1st birthday party this Sunday. I can't believe she's going to be one, so we will celebrate in fun style.  :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A little slice of Heaven.

We are fortunate folk. We can take a drive and in 5 minutes we are at the beach. I can just see the lake from my upstairs porch, through the trees. So sometimes when I think about it, it seems silly to drive an hour and half north to see the same lake, but the landscape in my opinion is breathtakingly wild.

During Rogers days off this week, we packed up our trailer and went camping at Macgregor Provincial Park. Roger was looking for a little RandR and after my fun week (which I still need to tell you about) I was looking forward to a change of scenery. Roger did do a lot of resting and during one of his naps, we went for a bike ride. We grabbed our phones so we could take some quick shots.

We weren't supposed to ride on the board walk but since there were only a handful of people in the park we thought it was ok.

And if you stopped for any amount of time you were swarmed by deer flies and black flies. At one point it was even dragon flies.

I wanted to take that rock home, but it was a little too large. But can you imagine it in your yard with wild flowers planted around it in a woodsy setting.

For some reason our section had no bugs except for these guys who came out at night and gave us a beautiful lightshow. So cute with their little firefly butts a twinkling.

Alas all good things must come to an end, and on our way out of the park I took this picture. If you look closely in the middle of the picture you'll see a deer. It was just walking slowly through the woods.

Besides losing a bag of sunflower seeds to a pesky raccoon, it was a much needed little adventure.:)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

More time.

Well its been one of those weeks, where 24 hours a day just doesn't seem enough.:( And soooo many things have happened.
And now I'm off on more adventures, and I'll have even more stories to tell you.
Enjoy your weekend.:)