Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer lovin'


I can't believe that my last post was so long ago. Where has the time gone? This has been one busy summer filled with lots and lots of fun.

One fun thing I have been doing this summer is getting ready for an upcoming craft sale. My dining room is beginning to fill up with completed projects. I'm a little nervous that what I think is fun and wonderful may not be to others. But I am super excited none the less.

I do have one project I can share with you that I did just for me.

Living in an old house comes with some challenges, mostly being, no storage. I'm pretty sure that 2 or 3 changes of clothing was all that was needed a hundred years ago. One special dress and 2 for working. So, who needs a closet right. None of the rooms originally had closets, and before we redid the rooms, you could see where they had a hooks on the wall. So, to add some extra storage for the upstairs we are fortunate to have one very wide hallway.

And sitting in my hallway is a little dresser that I painted to use for storage.

Once upon a time this little art deco waterfall dresser looked like this.

My wee little boy working for me.

Normally I would have sanded it, kept the wood and gave it new life, but in this case the top was riddled with cigarette burns almost through the veneer. No amount of sanding would have removed those without ruining the top, so a light sanding for paint to adhere to was needed. I decided on black paint for the dresser because to me art deco says black.

So we polished these drawer pull ends

And put it all back together and got this

I also put 3 coats of high gloss varnish to give it extra shine, which means extra dusting but I do like the end result.
It has deep drawers which will hold either winter or summer clothes.
I continue my search for more pieces to use in this hallway...maybe something in a red?