Thursday, October 15, 2015

Frankly my Dear...

Since I've been feeling better I've been playing catch up on so many things. Fall cleaning for one. Does anybody do a fall and spring cleaning anymore? Room by room I've been purging away, leaving my most dreaded craft room till last. It's actually my favourite room but it really needs a few days( ok truthfully make that a week) of my full out attention.
We've also welcomed a Brazilian student who will be staying with us till January. We've had some major laugh out loud moments as we try and understand each other. She's is improving in English but we are failing miserably at Portuguese. Ha
Most of my projects have been left on the back burner ( as usual it seems) but this past weekend being Canadian thanksgiving and autumn being in full swing I thought I'd channel my inner Scarlett O'hara. Finding some awesome fall looking drapes at the thrift store they seemed perfect for another easy circle skirt.

I've lost my picture taker to work right now so although I wore this just the other day it went on my dress form for pictures. A tri-pod and remote would be nice right about now!! and some not so rainy cloudy weather. 

Hello little leaf pin.

Do you think it's alright to wear  this outfit two weekends in a row? :)

Sweater- handmade by me
Blouse-handmade by me from a thrifted set of sheers that I've worn many times.
Skirt-handmade from thrifted drapes which I paid $3 for.