Friday, January 9, 2015

Signs, signs everywhere were Signs

Before Christmas I had painted a bunch of signs for the sale. I was asked more than a few times how did I paint my signs so today I shall tell/ show you how.
The first thing you need is a computer, pencil, paper, paint and brushes and something you want to paint on. I see what's laying around and go from there. Piece of wood, piece of an old door, drawer front, bucket, hunk of metal, if its paintable it should work.
After deciding what you want your sign to say, check out all those wonderful different fonts you have on your computer and begin designing your sign. Use different fonts, different font sizes and play around till you've got something you're happy with then print it off.
I used a graphic from Graphics Fairy for a coffee sign. She literally has tons of things to choose from.

But for other signs I've just used my own fonts

Take a pencil and colour the back of your lettering to work as graphite paper. Since I live in the boonies this is much faster and cheaper than ordering on-line or driving an hour to get what I need.

 Flip your paper back around and line up your lettering so it's straight. You can draw straight lines on your sign or eyeball if you're comfortable. Now trace around your letters and you should be left with the outline of your letters on your sign.

 Paint your letters until you've got a nice solid colour or as solid as you want it. You can erase any pencil marks left over after your paint has dried. 
For this sign I made my own stencil and used it as a background or wallpaper effect for the sign. Stencils can get pricey so I found a pattern I liked ( making sure it was a freebie) then printed it off. I took contact paper and cut it out with a knife, pealed back the paper and had a sticky stencil to use. 

Here I did different size fonts on a plain old board.

I've distressed each of these signs by running sandpaper over them giving the lettering and the sign a slightly worn look then sealing it with a beeswax polish. If its going out in the elements you may want to seal it with an outdoor product.
These can be quick easy gifts and you can let your imagination run wild. Right now I'm looking at more vintage advertising to paint and suit everyday wants.

Think you can't do this...if you can colour you can paint. :)

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  1. these are so nice! still waiting for the store :)