Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Beautiful thing about Colour.

Buying local has become the new in. But if you ask me it's really the new old. When I grew up canning and freezing things from your garden was done out of necessity. Getting local fruit from those who had orchards was just the norm. Slowly canning was fazed out as convenience took over our lives. I can go to the store and buy my pickles, but nothing beats the taste that comes from those sitting on my shelf that I spent half a day "putting up". As I sit here and write my salsa is bubbling away and filling the house with a wonderful aroma.
There is also something beautiful about those jars sitting on my shelf. Colour. Nature is a great place to start when thinking about what colour you want to paint, not to mention what colour goes well with it as an accent.

See how everything just works well together. The grey blue colour of the sky and water, the almost black of the tree line. Now for the punch of color we bring in the pinky red of the sunset. Put those together in a room and I promise it will look great together.

Now looking at the colour from this picture and imagine that you've painted your room the white colour of the of the sky. Next you decide that you sofa will be the shade of grey of the road. (Although pavement isn't exactly nature it does work out quite nicely I think)Then a bold move, you add in orange, red and green fabrics for pillows, drapes and accessories. Rearrange the colours and you'll still get a pleasing effect. Green walls, white sofa, orange and red accents. Braver yet, orange walls, red sofa, grey and green accents.

Nature knows what looks best in any season, just look around at the beauty and at the colour palette it provides. And remember paint what you like not what's in vogue, whatever is in will soon be out. Adding the colour that you like will give you the homey, relaxed, take off your shoes feeling every time you walk in the door.