Thursday, September 11, 2014

New/Old Stuff

Ahhh... there's nothing like it. That something that will finally push you into finishing a project. In this case my exterior/interior door and window.

A looonnngg time ago we found a window...

and then we found a door.

(In case your wondering why we have a window and a door behind our walls, this part of the house was an old porch that had been enclosed.)

Then we made an arch. We found those posts for $10 each.

Then we found and bought a 100 year old tin ceiling and added that to the mix.

Much better then a drop ceiling don't you think?

So here's the thing, the window and the door sat as a window and a door for a very long time. Not that we didn't want to finish it, it's just other things took priority.

Since M'lynn's getting hitched and the reception is at home, you start to see your unfinished projects and want them done like yesterday.

Here's what we started with on this dreary day.

I forgot to take a picture of the door but it looked pretty much the same.

Why yes that is baseboard that we saved and are now our shelves.

Makes for a perfect plate rail and a great spot for cookbooks. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It takes a Village

You know the saying, " It takes a village to raise a child"? Well as I've watched my children grow I'm not sure that it ever stops.
The last of my little girls is getting married at the end of the month. I luckily learned with my last daughter that the wedding day is a day about what the bride and groom want, not what you think everybody else expects. Their dinner menu was chili and perogies. Don't get me wrong, my first daughter had a beautiful wedding but she has said there are a few things she'd change, whereas my other daughter says she wouldn't change a thing.

Daughter number one reception. Winter formal.

Daughter number twos reception. Spring casual

She also got married at home.

via Stephanie Gascho

Both daughters were on a budget as is number three. So here is how to keep things from getting pricey when planning a wedding, which can happen very easily. Unless of course the sky's the limit but even then I think there are ways to save so you can splurge on other things.

DIY- With Pinterest being the number one way of finding ideas for weddings it should come with a bride beware disclaimer. Most of what you see has been done by a professional so to repeat the look may not be as easy as it seems. So in the excitement, you've bought what you think you need only to realize that it doesn't look the same at all but now you've spent the money and you should use it. Then you see your creation in pictures only to have a hand to the forehead moment  and a "what was I thinking" runs through your brain. Look for things that come with directions to achieve the look you going for.
Stay with a theme of sorts. M'lynn's wedding has a rustic fall feel to it which I think will be lovely, but we are looking for things that fit that genre not just " Hey that's cute lets do that!".  Something beachy would look way out of place (even though she's getting married by the beach) with the rest of what she's got going on.

Borrow, borrow, borrow- Someone you know will have what your looking for and if they don't they will know someone  they can borrow from.
M"lynn is borrowing all vintage dishes, they will be mismatched and I think truly lovely to serve food upon.

via pinterest

Seating is also being borrowed from the town. She wants picnic tables. Whether the weather is going to cooperate or not and  whether we are sitting inside or out, we will be sitting at picnic tables.
We've put call out to Facebook friends for quilts, tablecloths and canning jars for drinking and so far the response has been overwhelming.:)

via pinterest

Food- without giving to much away, M'lynn chose her favourite food. Its not fancy by any means but that doesn't mean it won't look fancy. We have a friend who will be in charge of food; will tell her what we're planning and she takes care of the rest. She's amazing.

via pinterest

But has the price of food for your guests got you down. Why not a potluck? I can't say this enough. Your guests are there to celebrate with you. I would think nothing of it to take along a dish of food to share and then leave the dish behind. The leftovers would also make a nice treat for the happy couple to have for a few meals after returning from honeymooning.

The bonus. We are ( my siblings and I ) a very creative bunch. From sewing to gardening to building, it has filtered down through generations and now we are passing it on to our kids.
My sister is a florist so we luck out there.
I've had my other sister tracking down things that I couldn't find here but knew she could where she lives.
I'm borrowing things from all my family
My brother will definitely be on hand the day of.
The future in-laws are also doing their part of being on the hunt.


The Village comes together as it should,  keeping the meaning behind what this day is really about; a celebration of two people who have chosen each other to spend the rest of their lives together. It shouldn't be about pleasing or impressing the guests, you have after all invited them because you want them to share in your joy and nothing more. :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

A little Heaven on Earth.

My daughter and her husband have a dream. They want to be able to be able to grow and sell fresh veggies and eventually fruit. A couple of weeks ago that dream became a reality when they moved into a house with quite a bit of land and as it happened its in a little village as well. Also part of the dream to be able to stay connected with a community.

For now this is the back yard, its quite amazing to walk through the flower gardens.

My 6ft 2 boy is standing in the shadows of this grass.

The barren lands, where the magic will begin next year.

I'm already planning what food I'd like in the gardens. I think that's allowed isn't it? :)