Monday, March 30, 2015

Pinterest #9

Do you ever go to the thrift store and see little bits of pretty fabric and think what wonderful creations could you make with them? ( ok maybe not) Quilting may the first thing that comes to mind but I myself am not a quilter but I still can't resist those little pieces of loveliness.

Two years ago Daughter Ashley pinned this cute Bow tied Clutch
So two Christmases ago ( in keeping with our handmade presents only rule) Daughter M'lynn decided to make a clutch as her present to Ashley.

Getting ready for the upcoming thrift store event I thought I'd make a few from little bits of fabric I found from there.

Although the black and white one is leftover bits from here. The lining is made from a bag of scraps I took home one day. The flowered one is completely found materials. Both zippers were also from the thrift store.
You'll notice that one is bigger then the other because when M'lynn was making them she wanted it slightly bigger then the pattern but small or big they are handy little bags.

With wedding season coming up these are the perfect thing to take or anytime really when you don't want something big and the nice part is the strap fits nicely on your wrist. :) 


  1. ooh these are so cute - love them! sadly I am not nearly as crafty- but then I guess you need people to buy the stuff and that's me :)

  2. These are so splendidly pretty! You could sell them on Etsy (or anywhere) big time - I'd be customer for sure! I can always use cute little bags for storage, packing when traveling, makeup containers, and of course their intended purpose, as a clutch. :)

    Big hugs & joyful start of April wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hehe they remind me of a pretty version of the pencil cases we made in high school.