Monday, March 9, 2015

Pinterest # 8

Every once in a while and if my hand will allow I want to crochet. Knitting has been wonderful to learn and I can see myself improving but when you want to make something yarn worthy quickly crocheting is the ticket. Today I bring you the tea cozy.

With the amount of tea I drink you'd think I would have had a cozy for my pot ages ago. Usually I grab a tea towel and wrap it around my pot which isn't really a flattering way to serve a cup of tea to guests.
The pattern comes from The Green Dragonfly and the cover itself is more of a guideline pattern for your pot which I had to rip and and start a couple of times till I got the right size.

 I also kept my pot handy to make sure that I was getting a nice fit. You want snug but not too snug so it fits easily over the teapot.

The rose pattern was easy to work up as were the leaves and after attaching my flowers my teapot is ready for tea! 
 The total time to make it was only a couple of hours which makes me feel silly for using a tea towel all the years. :) 


  1. That's so cute!! A while ago you mentioned that you had some posts on here about DIY wedding stuff - I couldn't find them, I don't suppose you could point me in the right direction please Debra?

    Thank you x