Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sun and Surf.... make that Ice.

I've lost my mojo. I can't seem to sew a stich without having to rip it back out so I'm taking some time off from all things crafty. I'm feeling sort of lost not making something ( ok weeelllll  I'm making a spring wreath but that's it) but this loss of mojo happens to me once and a while and I need some time to just be.
 So in letting things be, me and my boy took a 25 minute drive and went to Goderich to grab some groceries and thought we'd head down to the beach on this wonderful spring day. If the name sounds familiar it maybe because it was hit by a tornado in 2011.

Right now Lake Huron is only 45% ice covered but it looks like a lot more.

I found sand!

Not exactly beach weather but we enjoyed exploring and soaking up some sun regardless. :)

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  1. {{{Uplifting hugs}}}

    Goodness, do I understand. I find my mojo goes on an unannounced vacation anywhere from one to four times a year, interestingly, I've noticed, with one of them almost always being the end of December/start of January (I think that's because the holiday season, awesome as it is, knocks the wind of my sails so much). It's normal, you know, for all of us to feel this way sometimes, even when we massively adore what we're doing with our time, career, hobbies, etc. Just like there is a rhyme and flow to the seasons, so too is there, I believe, a pattern of sorts to human energy levels and every needs to rest and let their mojo recharge sometimes.

    I usually find that I come back stronger and more in love with what I've been doing than ever before, so I no longer worry very much about such periods. They can be real blessings in disguise sometimes.

    Thinking of you and wishing you a peaceful, lovely week, dear Debra,
    ♥ Jessica