Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Maywin Socket Day!!

The story of St. Patrick as told by Veggie Tales is one I still watch every St. Paddies Day even though my little ones have little ones of their own. It helps reminds me why we celebrate this englishman!

I'm not wearing green today. I don't wear green as a rule because it tends to wash me out but I was excited this weekend when I got to add to my collection of enamelware and it has green!!!
Cottage Treasures in Thedford has moved to a new store so right now they've got two locations while they move things around. Means more fun for me!

And what fun things did I find?? Gorgeous pots and pans that's what.

The ladles were actually a find from before and thats when I became smitten with with the off white and green colours of enamelware.  I've got white and black, white and red, white and blue, off white and red and off white and blue. I've even got one with a pattern of flowers on it.

I started my collection one day while out yard saleing and found a nice big bowl, which I use on a regular basis. The bowl felt homey even though I don't remember ever having much in the way of enamelware growing up. (which we may have, sisters do you remember?) As for the rest of the collection, its on display in my kitchen.
On occasion Roger will ask if I have enough yet. Not yet. I've got some empty spaces to fill. :)


  1. I LOVE enamelware! I don't have much kitchen space right now, so I haven't bought any, but I frequently drool over it in flea markets. They DO feel homey, you're right.

    1. I like the fact that I can afford it too.

  2. Enamelware is beautiful - so classic and homey, with such a rich history behind it. I'd like to start up a collection of it myself one day. Interestingly, I can attest having lived in Ireland, that was still being sold and used there, especially in smaller (what we might call in North America) five and dime shops, so the fact that you brought it up in the context of St. Patrick's Day made me smile and think about that fact.

    Tons of hugs & joyful springtime wishes coming your way,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm sooo in like with that green it's all I want to focus on finding but I did have in my hand a unique cream and sugar set in black and white with flowers on it. It came close to coming home..maybe next time if it's still there. :)