Monday, March 23, 2015

House Tour

Our family is super excited to have two very special people move to our neighbourhood. I mean it's a  off the wall, jumping up and down, squeals of delight kind of excited. Rogers' brother James and his husband Jody are moving back to Ontario and not just anywhere but here!!! a hop skip and a jump from us. Right now they're in British Columbia so we took it upon ourselves to start the house hunt for them. It's a burden I know but one I'm willing to shoulder for them. haha. I'll look at a property anytime I can!

The house we went to look at for them on the weekend was Ontario Farmhouse (yes its a style. Google it, you'll see)

It has almost five acres and goes back to a river that has trails that run along it.

It has a barn that can house animals!

The staircase is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

As is the rest of the house.

There's so much more to this house then I can show you like the little loft when you come in the back door or the fun way to get to the basement.  
I feel like this house is jumping up and down with its arm in the air saying "pick me, pick me" or maybe it's just me saying "pick that one, pick that one"but it is only the first house we've looked at and I think I need to curb my enthusiasm a little bit. But it's just SO HARD.
What ever happens I'll be having a few more home tours coming up as they try and find the right one. :)

Amy took these picture but I snuck in a few of my own.


  1. oh that sounds like fun - I love looking a houses too - online, in books and definitely in real life.... and so fun that you'll have family close again!

  2. That is one truly breathtaking house, oh my word! It looks like it could have been plucked straight from the classic Canadian TV series Road to Avonlea (which was primarily filmed in Ontario, not PEI where it was set). In terms of vintage abodes, that is pretty much my dream house. What a joy it must have been to visit in person. If your relatives to do purchase it, they're going to have a breathtaking new home.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes Anne of Green Gables sure came to mind. I sure am hoping a stone house makes it into the tour but the those are so dang pricey when they've been redone.

  3. Wow... that house is stunning! It makes me feel so sad that all I can afford in my over-priced area are falling-to-pieces little terraces. That staircase is something else...

  4. It was a geat staircase. I've never seen one like it in my travels.( my sister sells real estate, so I get to tag along and look at homes with her) House prices can be so stupid crazy. The next town over can jump $50000 or more for something smaller then I have.

  5. I am so nosey, i love looking at houses! I always have a look online at ones that come up locally. You just have so much space in North America, 5 acres would be quite a lot here in the UK. I look forward to seeing some more lovely homes! X

    1. I grew up on a 100 acre farm and if you took a tractor ride or walk to the back of the farm there was a lane that joined to another 100 acre farm my parents owned. My growing up years took for granted all that space they owned and now living in a small town of 800 people it sometimes feels too crowded. How I miss the days of grabbing a book and heading down to the creek to read or doing farm work with my dad.