Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trashy finds.

I have these 2 wooden chairs. They were found in the garbage and to me they were too cute not to love, so we rescued them. They have been used as a make shift stepping stools, moved with us, used as stepping stools again and as of late where used as shelves to hold my junk. But now they are going to be used what they were original made for.... sitting.

                                                  Before and after all in one shot.

I had seen someone do a similar treatment to a chair they had and was intrigue by the way it looked. They referred to it as "dipping", which made it seem all the more fun to do. No dipping is actually involved just taping and I like the look between the "old and new".

 I first dry brushed one side white, wanting to keep the rough chippy look to it.
Then taped off what I thought was a good spot, then painted it this vibrant spring green.  I gave it a couple of coats of paint, only to see that my white seemed a little too white. I grabbed some dark stain and went over the white and wiped off the excess. It toned it down nicely. Next up I gave it a coat of outdoor poly to seal it. 

This chair and its mate will be spending its summer up on my top porch. Now I just need a table. :)

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