Monday, May 7, 2012

New Goodies

Yesterday was one of those afternoons where the sun was shining the breeze was warm and I was in the mood for a drive. A 25 minute drive to be exact to one of my all time favourite stores. So Amy and I took a drive to the home of her childhood, indulged in some fries at a roadside booth owned by her friend (Thanks Andrea they were great!) and went exploring.
The store is called Cottage Treasures and its in the heart of downtown Thedford. I think the town has about 1000 people, so main street is one street and therefore the store is not hard to find. Their hours are Saturday and Sunday only. I wish I had taken pictures of the store for you but I was too excited to start the hunt for all things fun.
So what goodies did I find? This is what came home with me.

A globe for Isaac, some blocks for Leah, a pattern from 1964 to add to my collection of old patterns. The picnic basket and enamel pot which I have a weakness for. I seem to have a lot a weaknesses.
Her prices are really, really reasonable and she will barter with you. Last year I really liked this Underwood typewriter.

She had a price of $60 dollars on it and Roger offered her $40. It came home for $40. It works great, but could use a new ribbon. 

She has all things vintage and some antiques. She has books and movies galore, and is really worth the drive. So many more things wanted to come home with me, but I'll save that for another day.:) 

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