Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Mother's Day.

              I've been wanting to show you this, but I wanted to wait till things began to grow.

Every year my husband asks what I'd like for Mother's Day, and every year I say the same thing. I don't  really need anything. But this year I asked if I could extend my vegetable garden. My garden is small and it usually only grows tomatoes. We like salsa, lots and lots of salsa. So we picked the spot and laid out the pieces to my raised veggie garden.

 Now I have this beautiful garden, along with my original garden and I'm hoping for good things.

                                  And things are beginning to grow and the tomatoes look happy.


But according to my husband this wasn't enough. What else did I want, and after some thought I asked for window boxes. So the boys built me these.

I think they look perfect. He and Isaac did a wonderful job, and they are already beginning to fill in nicely. Thank you boys!!

And lastly, I kept telling my girls that I needed to go and buy myself a drying rack, but I never seemed to get around to getting one. Saturday morning before Mother's Day this is what I found when I came downstairs. She's a pretty little thing, and ready for duty.
Thank you girls!

I am one Blessed Mom!! :)


  1. What a beautiful home you have! Looks great!

  2. nice, very nice! love those gifts, you are blessed indeed!