Friday, May 11, 2012

To the Lake it Goes.

    Before this little one went home to spend its days at the lake I'd thought I'd show it too you, so I snapped some pictures with my phone.

Its so darn cute, with some great family history behind it, meaning it was built long ago. It would make a great front door entry piece, nightstand or just about anywhere you need a little something.

Since its going to a lakeside cottage the owner wanted blues.

I distressed the solid blue and did a blue wash over the doors and drawer. It is missing its other door knob, but thats ok. I painted the inside solid blue too, so if its not found or replaced, baskets will fit nicely inside with the doors removed.

I gave the top a light sanding and stained it with a dark stain. The woodgrain shows up beautifully.

The side got the same wash treatment. Then I sealed the whole thing with polyurethane.

I really liked this little one and I think I'll be taking some measurements for future projects.:)

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