Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The lost is FOUND!!

I have this great on-line fabric store that I like to frequent quite often in virtual world and do my shopping.
It's Tonic Living . It's a Canadian Company and I'm thrilled I found them.
Usually when I put my order in, my package shows up in a couple of days. But when my package didn't show up for a week I got a little concerned. I e-mailed them to find that for some strange reason my fabric made a trip to Calgary. So the lovely people there sent me a whole new package of fabric! And it came today!!!

You may remember this little chair.

It went from this, to this

(I apologize for the grainy picture but its one I took.)

This is a Tonic Living fabric.

Now for my new stuff, I'm going to sew up a storm this afternoon and hopefully next week I can show you what became of my little traveling fabric.

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