Monday, November 21, 2011

A Plethora of Pillows

I've been painting. (when am I not painting hehe)

This time I've painted my walls, but before I show you my "befores and afters" of my family room, I've been busy making some new accessories.

I started with some pillows because they are simple, fast and easy to make. If you can sew a straight seam, you can sew a pillow. If you can't sew, you probably can and just don't know it. Unless of coarse you reeaalllyy don't want to sew, and then hopefully you find yourself  reeaallllyy lucky, and someone will sew for you.

                                                                           Taa daaaaaaaa!!!!

The brown ones I already had, so I replaced my other old ones which were..... lets just say past their prime, with the new ones.

The cool thing about making your own pillows is that you can change them up quickly and they will be unique to your home. In a couple of years the owl fabric will probably be a thing of the past and the pillows will be worn and faded, but right now its trendy. So in a couple of years I'll find new fabric, and bam new look!

Same goes with this ever so neat sweater pillow. If you follow pinterest you'll find all kinds of these wonderful cozy looking pillows every where. For this pillow, my daughter went to the local thrift store and found this sweater. She wore it as part of a costume and I knew it would eventually find its way back to the thrift store. But then I thought it would go swimmingly into my new paint scheme for the room, and thus a new pillow was born.
I happen to check on Pottery Barn and they are selling the sweater pillow "covers" for, around $70.00. My complete pillow(pillow form as well) was somewhere in the neighbourhood of $8.00.

For Christmas I'll be making covers for the owl pillows because I realized who wants to store actual Christmas pillows.  They take up to much room, and it only took me 24 years of decorating to grasp this concept. Who knew.:)

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