Monday, October 24, 2011

Timeless Treasures

                                                        Today I went to visit this girl.

You may know her as the model for Evergreen Living, and I was quite excited when she agreed to meet with me over lunch. I'm hoping she'll agree to an upcoming photo shoot for me. Her agents M&D will look over the contract and let me know in a couple of days if she is willing or not. Cross your fingers for me!!!

While I was also in the area of Waterloo I went to "Timeless Material Co."
They have what seems to be an unlimited amount of resources for anyone wanting to add a unique touch of yesteryears detail to your home. I walked through multi levels of windows, trim, and piles of old tin ceilings. Doors of every shape and size. Entire staircases, fireplace mantels and some of the most interesting hardware, for just about anything.
 Things can be a bit pricey for me, so my purchases were small, but needed and it has been the first place I've been able to find what I need.
I've also want to check out their Southampton location, which I shall save for another day when I'm out and about.

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  1. I hope your contract come together - she's such a doll! And when you're making a trip to southhampton and need a co-pilot lemme know I'd love to go!