Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Grand Old Boy in Blue

I picked up this Tall boy a couple of weeks ago, and where I had it sitting in my garage you couldn't get the whole thing in the frame. Something I'll need to remember for future shots.

But now its turned into this.

I painted the blue with the chalk paint I talked about in a previous post. It was worth every penny and I've ordered more. My own homemade version will do in a pinch, but the blue painted so beautifully I would slowly like to add more colours to my inventory. It also distresses quite nicely.

 The veneer on the left side was too loose to try and repair so I peeled it off and sanded it down. These poor pieces of furniture are the ones that get forgotten because of things like this, but there is so much more life left in them. The drawers all slide nicely and would hold ALOT.

Half of the hardware was broken or replaced by something that was serviceable but mismatched. So when I found a bunch of matching ones I bought up them up and used a few for the larger bottom drawers.

I think they work well together. 
I sealed the whole thing with another new favourite..beeswax. It just adds something I can't explain to a piece. It brings out such a warmth on the wood that doesn't happen with polyurethane.

This boy is for sale, as are a couple of other things that I will be posting soon.

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