Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beast to Beauty

I have a collection of windows. They range in size and shape and they are stacked in the garage and my husband is thrilled when I go to the pile and pick one, to do something with. But there is one window that he has been wanting me to pick for awhile and I finally grabbed it the other day. It was found in a barn on a trip we took for our anniversary back in September. It was covered in straw and the person who owned it didn't really want to part with it. But after some humming and hawing, he reluctantly sold it to me.

Since repainting the family room, I've been adding in new colours to accessorize with. So I grabbed my  Annie Sloan "Louis Blue" and dry brushed the window, but not before I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the window. A couple of years living in a barn kinda makes you dirty.

Then I headed over to The Graphics Fairy and looked through a bunch of amazing things she has for free!!!  and chose an easy French sign.
Then I printed it off in reverse and taped it to the right side of the window.

Then flipped it over and began painting.

I could have done it on the right side, but this way the lettering is protected by the glass, just as a picture would be.

Once I was finished I took an exacto knife and cleaned up the lines. My hand was a little shaky on the M but the knife cleaned all that up. And I'm pleased with the final result. It's a keeper.


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