Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pinterest #7

It's the third time I've been down and out this winter. It's abnormal for me but I've been deducing why this is happening. The first thing I noticed that each time I'm sick it's usually piggybacking the last time I was sick. So I think my immune system is shot.
The next thing I noticed is being blessed with four little ones kid germs have been reintroduced into our lives and since I've no intention of giving up hugs and kisses I'm destined to deal with kid germs.
And lastly cabin fever and not a lot of crisp, fresh winter air to clear the body. We've been under "extreme cold warnings" meaning don't go outside and only if you have too for a few minutes at a time. The Great Lakes went from being only slightly covered at the beginning of January to 85% covered now. That means a whole lot of cold and a whole lot of ice. It's also why I've been taking pictures indoors.
Check out Great Lakes for more info on our deep freeze.


Looking through Pinterest in hopes to find some help with my yucky days it seems I'm doing all the right things and eating all the right foods. It does make me think then that getting out and about or at least a change of air in the house might be the answer I'm looking for and luckily our temperatures are about to change for the better!
But until then here are a couple of Pinterest things I did and didn't find helpful for your yucky days.

Last year I made this concoction in hopes of helping out with my cold. When I took a tbsp of the spicy mixture it helped for all of two seconds but not overly helpful for the duration of the cold. If you've tried or are going to try this one and it works for you let me know. I'm curious and may give it a second chance. I did find hot water and honey just as effective though.

This year I made my own menthol vapor rub. 

I'm totally liking this stuff and it helped a great deal during my cold and it's not as harsh as the store bought stuff which I like. The store bought was a staple in my home growing up and in my home with my kids as well. But the switch from using store bought things to knowing what I'm using on and in my body has been gradually happening in my home for years now and this vapor rub is a keeper.
 My next plan is to boost up my immune system and I'm leaning towards elderberry syrup. Although I read it's great for colds, it was also one of the things that continuously popped up for boosting immune systems as well. At one of our many houses we lived in we had oodles of elderberries but only thought of them as a nuisance berry because of the lovely purple bird blotches left behind on everything. If I knew I had a super berry growing in my midst I would have been using them a long time ago. :)
According to my children they were mulberry not elderberry. 


  1. wow - this is very pinteresting :) it is hard to get over sickness when one cannot get outside for some sun and fresh air.... let the countdown to spring begin :)

  2. Oh dear, you poor thing. I went through a three month stretch of colds, the flue, strep throat, and a bad ear infection (that last over four months) myself in the autumn and early winter. It's so rough and really does drain one something fierce when these kinds of bugs come at you rapid fire style like that. I truly hope that positive health will soon return to you and that spring will rear its head quickly, too.

    Thinking of you and sending tons of healing wishes and hugs your way,
    ♥ Jessica