Monday, February 9, 2015

Pinterest #5

When I was a little girl every winter I'd spend one week of it sick in bed. Mumps, tonsillitis, stomach bug, colds, I was a ticking time bomb through out the winter months till something hit.
I should have known something was up the other day when I had the urge to watch " The Bugs Bunny Show". When I was sick being entertained by a rabbit who would occasionally dress as a woman was a treat. It happen to air while we were having supper so I could only ever catch a few toons here and there. When I was sick I got to watch the whole hour.
So last week when a nasty cold took hold sitting under a cozy blanket and watching Netfilx was about the only thing I wanted to do. That and play with yarn in an attempt to conquer knitting socks. I'd have to say I'm close, not perfect but close.

My Pinterest Challenge also took a back seat last week so this week I'll have two for you.

Today's is Homemade "Oreo" cookies.
As we know homemade is usual better but when it comes to knocking off a store bought brand can they compare?

Here is the original Pin

 and the site the recipe comes from.

I shall start with the taste test. Yes, comparably speaking they taste very close to the middle fiddling cookie but you know the homemade version is filled with things you can pronounce. So that's a plus all the way!

I had a little trouble with the recipe itself though. I found that the amount of flour used in the ingredients was not enough and I had to keep adding to the cookie dough because my first batch turned out like this.

She said the dough needed to be dry so I compared the dough to what my rolled sugar cookie would be like. Apparently mine wasn't dry enough but by the end and after adding a lot more flour I got a cookie that resembled the recipe.

I debated on just making crumbs from the not so nice ones but made them into cookies too.

So would I make these again? No. I don't buy Oreo's all that often to begin with and truthfully the amount of time it took to make these cookies I don't think I could be bothered. 
Fun to try but not a keeper in my books. :)

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  1. awh - that's too bad! but I guess you never know unless you give it a try! and good for you to be willing to try!