Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pancake Tuesday!!

It's here! The day set aside to use up your lard before lent!
I'm always amazed at how long ago these traditions started and how we've kept up those traditions so many years later.  I think I can let that lard part of the tradition go though. :)
The pancake itself is old, think Ancient Greece old and you get the picture. But oh how times have changed for the griddle cake and it's not just a breakfast food anymore. I find you can have one of these satisfying flapjacks anytime of day!

Let's start with Martha Stewart's basic pancakes. This is the traditional pancake you'll expect to find for todays big day. Just butter and maple syrup and your good to go!

Now lets bring it up a notch.

Lindsey from Dash of Nostalgia brings us Pumpkin pancakes. I don't know about you but I like pumpkin anytime of year and who could resist a plateful of these.

These next pancakes in my opinion would blow the roof off your pancake day and if you've never tried a Chocolate pancake then my friends you don't know what you're missing.
Check out Cooking Classy's pancakes. She's got a few other pancake recipes to get your creative juices  flowing as well.

So what will it be? Plain jane or over the top? I'm doing a little of both. Sticking with the plain pancake then dressing it up with fresh fruit and whipped cream. I may even get a little crazy and add some candy sprinkles. :)


  1. i am not normally a pancake person - but if i was to choose - i prefer buttermilk pancakes...

  2. Oops... we just got a large batch of lard yesterday (or rather the unrendered version of it). We went for a batch of white and another of whole wheat and spelt. With whipped cream and sprinkles of course!

  3. Same here - a little of both for me as well. Pancakes are one of those foods that, no joke, I could eat every single day and never tire of. In recent years I've been following a really low carb diet though as doing so currently aids some of my GI conditions (and have to be GF always because of my celiac disease), so having a GF pancake day is a big treat - in fact, I often reserve it for my birthday. :)

    When I was growing up, my favourite way, which was also my mom's favourite way and one that she picked up from her own mom, to eat pancakes was with nothing more than canned peaces (homemade or store bought) and either their syrup, if sweet enough, or some homemade simple syrup drizzled over top. Yum! That is one of those instant tastes of childhood for me.

    Bon appetit!

    Wishing you a terrific Thursday,
    ♥ Jessica