Monday, February 2, 2015

Better, better, better.

I'm trying very hard to become better at the things that interest me. Better sewist, better upholster, better baker, better painter, better get the picture. I also believe that each of these things plays into the next. Patience must be practiced in all things newly learned and unless you're lucky right out of the gate it will take time to hone one's skills. Rome really wasn't built in a day. No really it wasn't, look it up.

Last fall I began a knitted sweater project. Worked on it on and off and by Christmas it had been set aside. Not totally happy with it but far enough along I had to think twice about ripping it apart. Once the Christmas festivities had passed I pulled out my completed pieces to the sweater I unravelled the whole thing. I decided, not happy.

I had two patterns, a vintage and new that I liked and both were very similar in style. I thought why not combine the parts I did like and if it didn't work I could rip it out again, after all this is just part of the learning process. Right??

Results, VERY HAPPY!!

The base of the pattern, sleeves, back fronts is from the new, the added cables and length come from the vintage. 
Side note- another plus for making my own things. The pattern called for a certain length for the sleeve but I think I added 2 extra inches so that it would be long enough. Pure joy factor there. Things that are too short on my arms annoy me.

The cables are what I'm most proud of having never done them before and was what caught my eye when I bought the vintage pattern in the first place.
When I tried it on and everything was as it should be and I may or may not have squealed with delight. I've got big plans for this sweater and it's the first piece to a puzzle I've been sorting out in my head. Stay tuned!! :)

The yarn used came from KnitPicks


  1. this is BEAUTIFUL! love it - really, really! very interested in seeing the end of the puzzle! :)

  2. Your cables are beautiful. Very well done, dear Debra. I sincerely admire your desire to better yourself and to excel, where possible, at the things that interest you. I tend to be the same way and rarely only learn a little about something. If I'm in, I'm in all the way, so to speak, and would describe myself as an immensely passionate person as a result. That's a good thing to be, if you ask me, and completely agree with you that the more skilled/knowledgeable you become in one area, the more it benefits your other interests and life as a whole, too. I've been saying for years that creativity begets creativity and believe that with all my might.

    Here's to many "better" days to come!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Thank you Jessica! Right now I'm fighting a nasty cold and thought it's the perfect to time to better myself at sock making. So far that's not happening as I've only got something that resembles a sock but I'm determined to plug on through. Either that or gain an awesome pitching arm as yarn meets the other side of the room.