Monday, October 20, 2014

Mittens Kittens!


I'm still learning this whole knitting thing and thought what better way to learn a few things then to knit some mittens. For me learning to knit socks and mittens are easier to rip out and start over again on my brain verses a sweater... that I just invested a whole week into and only have one sleeve now instead of two because I made a huge mistake by using the wrong size needle and didn't notice till I was almost finished....but I digress. When it comes time to try something with a pattern, mitts will be a small enough project for me to learn with, plus I'll have a completed project instead of a lot of practice swatches.
So with Roger working night shift and weekends I thought it would be the perfect weekend to have a Harry Potter marathon and learn to knit mitts. Yup, you heard right I finished the mitts in a weekend and I am by no means a speed knitter. They are not perfect and I'm in fact happier with the second mitt then with the first so I'm making progress. I'm also happy they will keep my hands toasty on these cooler fall days. :)


  1. love that colour - and nice knitting!

  2. Ooo, I'm looking into making some simple mittens soon (my first pair, too). These look great!

    1. Thanks! This one was a free pattern from ravery called Warmest Mittens and free is always good in my books!

  3. Wonderful job!!! I'm not a knitter, so I might not be the best judge of things, but I think a pair of mittens in a weekend is very impressive (especially since you're new to craft). Beautiful colour of wool. It reminds me a certain shade of inky blue that the sky over Okanagan Lake here sometimes takes on in the last few minutes of dusk.

    ♥ Jessica