Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's Over

Last week was a bit of a blur and the week before that I sat at my sewing machine and made a 1950's jacket for me, two little girls dresses, and 5 bow ties so also a blur. ( I also made a bridesmaid dress but had that done weeks ago)
This week I've been recouping and have gained a nasty cold. Oh well, better this week than last.

This is what I sewed myself for the wedding.
Here's the pattern and here's where I bought it. Fragolina on Etsy.

Here's what it looked like on me.

All the fabric for it was thrifted by either my mom or me. So I stayed with my rule of buying nothing new. I was tempted to give in and buy myself something but after having many compliments I'm so glad I didn't.
The skirt I made myself last year and upon thinking about it, I decided that if I were going to make a skirt it would be very similar so I went with what I had. I did however make myself another petticoat and wore two of them. A white and a black. I had some serious poof going on.

Tomorrow I can show you the rest. I'm letting our bride and groom check out their pictures first, I thought it was only fair. :)

Picture courtesy of Amy Lloyd

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