Friday, October 3, 2014

The Baby Girl gets Married!

See this picture.

I want to frame it so badly because those are my babies and by the look on M'lynn's face life as I know it between the 4 of them will not change. That the addition of another son-in-law will not make Isaac less annoying to M'lynn. That the age span between the sisters and brother that concerned me at one time should have never been a worry.  (Contrary to M'lynn's annoyed face she does love her brother and he loves her back.)

See this...

The bridesmaid dresses were made by us. Meaning Ashley made hers,  the mother-of the groom made her girls and I made Amy's. We used this pattern.  Super easy and super comfy.

See this...

The flower girls and the other little girls all matched.
It was made from this pattern.
All four dresses were made from sheets. Yes sheets. We search high and low for a fabric in the wedding colours but found nothing. Little did I know that the answer was upstairs waiting for me to find it. 

See this.... 

The doors are from my garage, the logs from my wood pile the chairs the bride and groom are sitting on from my dining room.

Borrowed picnic tables from town with burlap runners. Wildflowers picked from the side of the road that morning and little pumpkins to pick up the orange in her colours.

We prepared all the food and served and ate from vintage dishes.

We tested out our night time look and we realized we had more Christmas lights then we thought hiding in the basement. So if anyone needs to borrow lights I seem to have an abundance.

See this....

I made the bow ties. This was truly an easy make and youtube helped us learn how to tie them.
Christmas is coming!!!! it would make a neat gift!!!

See this...

This is what all the hub-bub was all about. 

 Not including wedding attire (which was really not all that expensive), the food, flowers, things borrowed and help from friends and family we came in under $1000. And that my friends is what a small wedding budget can look like.  :)

Photo credits go to Anneka Zehr and Amelia Lloyd.


  1. Joyful congratulations to your daughter and whole family!!! I love that she/you all had such a (by modern standards) small, intimate wedding celebration complete with handmade dresses. That is refreshingly wonderful and similar to my own wedding nearly 10 years ago (our anniversary is October 14th), when Tony and I, two young kids with nary a dime between us, married in a super small civil ceremony at my mom's house with just a few close relatives there (our budget was about the same as what you guys were working with). Getting married isn't about throwing the biggest party, it's about entering into the sanctity and special bond of being husband and wife and sharing that joyous moment with loved ones. When and why it became an excuse to go into debt, turn into a "bridezilla" or break up the relationship over wedding day details before you ever reach the alter is beyond me. I hope as time goes on we see a far larger return to weddings like the ones your daughter and I each had. They're the type that our foremothers would have related, and I'd go so far as to say, approved of, and is saying a lot unto itself.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you dear Jessica. Massive amounts of money spent on weddings is something I just don't understand. Spending more doesn't mean you're anymore married. Roger and I just celebrated number 27.( we got married when we were babies. Lol ) and not much was spent. I still like my wedding and would do it again.