Monday, June 30, 2014

Moving Forward!!!!!!!

We've a hit a heat wave and I have to say I'm enjoying the heat but I think it's making me feel a bit under the weather. Super tired and very headachy. So today I'm working in bits and pieces on curtains and thought I'd fill you in on the Avion's progress.
Rotted floors have been replaced and we've added a new couch instead of a dinette. 

After ripping everything out we liked the open space and opted for a couch that we can pull out to make a bed.



 As far as a table goes I've got something in mind but that's a "wait and see" project. ( wait and see if I can convince my handsome husband to build what I have in mind hehe )
He built new beds and we've got new foam to go on but in a hurry grabbed some old stuff to test it out. 

We've also got the new countertops. It wasn't my first choice. I wanted something a little more retro but the price was more than right and seemed silly to spend a lot more money. After hanging out with them now for awhile we've become buddies and I can hardly wait till they're in their new home. 

I'm pretty sure you'll find us hanging out with the trailer in construction mode all day tomorrow celebrating Canada Day, but once evening comes I'm hoping to sit back and light a sparkler or two. :)

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  1. Debra dear, is that your house? It's absolutely gorgeous - and all the more so with the trio of Canadian flags adorning it! :) I hope that you guys have a stellar Canada Day and 4th of July celebration alike and this month is shaping up to a fantastic one (that hopefully cools off a bit soon) for you.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica