Monday, June 16, 2014

Moving Backwards.

That's exactly how this weekend felt, like working in the wrong direction.
My dashing husband decided to spend his entire weekend dedicated to working on the Avion. This is how he spent Fathers Day! Hehe he's a Happy Camper....well maybe not so much after this weekend.

On Saturday we tore up a piece of the floor we knew to be wet. The front window had not shut properly for a long time and although we had taped it shut, how long it was wet was anybody guess. We're thinking a long time because when we lifted it, it came alive with a large amount of ants who were right at home in my floor.
So we ripped the floor back farther to investigate and luckily they had contained themselves to the front. We've now treated the area and I'm happy to say no more creepy crawlers.

Countertops also have been removed from both kitchen and bath and hopefully today we order our new ones.

Here was one of our only highlights. (no pun intended)
This went from this

To this. Yup we pretty much did a happy dance when we put it back up.

Hard to believe that it needs to be ready for use in less then a month but thankfully as a guest room, not to camp in...yet. :)

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  1. Those sorts of days can really drain you for sure. I hope it's the very last one you encounter in your final countdown until the trailer becomes operational. What lucky guests you have who are coming to give it the inaugural residency!

    ♥ Jessica