Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sew for Victory

 I wasn't sure I'd have the time but I picked something simple and sewed my little heart out to be part of the Sew for Victory. Then as luck would have it the deadline got extended, which was great because my camera battery died as I was taking pictures. So if you're a fast sewer you can still join, you've got till Monday night!
I made a 1948 Simplicity blouse from a pattern I bought last year.

Heres the trial run to see how the pattern fits.

A few minor changes and I was ready to go.

               A couple of months ago I thrifted this polka dot fabric and knew I wanted to make this blouse.

And here it is! It fits just like I thought it would..beautifully and I can't wait to wear it. Now you might be wondering why I'm not wearing it to show you. Its because I tried it on with a modern day skirt (which was what I was going to wear it with) and it looked horrible. I tried it on with a pair of pants and again I still wasn't pleased with the look, so I've got nothing to wear with it.

It looks like my hem is off, its not, just a little wacky picture taking on my behalf.

I like these cuffs with their homemade cufflinks.

This is what I'm hoping to pair it with in the near future.

This and a skirt for some summer fun.:)


  1. Hello lovely lady! Yay, you won a vintage brooch from my blog! Can you please email a postal address at julia(at)juliabobbin(dot)com so I can send it out to you!
    Thanks again :)

  2. you'll look quite lovely in the blue!

  3. Oh, what darling little polka dots! Those white buttons were the perfect choice. You're right, though, it definitely needs some vintage-y bottoms to go with.