Monday, April 28, 2014


My house smells like summer today. Late summer to be exact because today I'm making salsa.
We all enjoy the spicy treat in our house and it's something we eat a lot of. I also enjoy canning my own but it's a time consuming job ( unlike jam that only takes 1/2 hr to an hour). This year I decided to freeze my batches and make them when the mood, or bare cupboard invited me too.

 I did can up a lot in the summer, but here is my thinking; if I had canned everything in the fall I would have had to buy a lot more jars, this way I don't. I do this with jam too. I make a variety and freeze the rest of my fruit in batches. Strawberry jam is waiting in the wings as well for today.
It's a comforting feeling to know that I have grown and canned my own food. I can pronounce everything that has gone into it and that for me is truly a " Victory Garden". :)

Want the recipe, you'll find it here.  Its the tastiest I've found.

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